Terminator Training Method

19-Week Hypertrophy Program

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The 19-Week Hypertrophy Program by Terminator Training Method is intended for intermediate to advanced trainees and emphasizes hypertrophy (muscle gain) training. That's over 4 months of programming which means you're paying less than $5 per week for gains like you've never experienced before! The program follows a push/pull/legs/upper/lower split for 5 days per week of training plus an optional focus session each week. A mix of barbell, dumbbell, and machine exercises are included to ensure the trainee does not experience the aches and pains involved with excessive compound lifts and barbell use. The goal is to get strong but keep your joints and nervous system healthy!

The program is moderate volume because the best way to stay healthy AND make muscle gains is to train hard while avoiding burnout, aches and pains, and potential injury. There is no cardio included in this program, but adding it in is highly encouraged (just make sure you don’t over-do it).

This program is suitable for men and women who want to change the way they look, feel and move. Gym access is recommended for this program but there are plenty of people who have had success on the program using their garage gym. The exercise substitution library will enable you to find alternative exercises for anything you don’t have access to or feel comfortable with. The meticulous details of this program are unlike many that you’ll find on the internet today. 

Program Details

  • 19-week training program broken down into 3 phases 
    • Phase 1: 6 weeks of training + deload/recovery week
    • Phase 2: 5 weeks of training + deload/recovery week
    • Phase 3: 6 weeks of training 
  • 5-days of training per week 
  • Introductions to each phase
  • You’ll know exactly how hard to train because the program features intensity prescriptions using RIR (reps in reserve) for all movements.
  • A "notes" section for every movement where you’ll find tips and movement cues to ensure proper execution
  • Daily and weekly volume totals to ensure that you’re getting the right dose of training
  • A weekly optional focus session for those who have weak/lagging muscle groups and/or just love to train
  • A list of terminology and acronym explanations
  • A 4-page "FAQs" section
  • "Exercise Substitutions" library
  • The 3rd phase involves “powerbuilding” style training, with a heavy squat, bench and deadlift day followed by higher rep hypertrophy movements.
  • Optional complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you may have before starting or throughout the program and unlimited email access for questions