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Named after the new and improved T-850 terminator in Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines, this program is for tactical athletes who want to train for the longrun. It's designed with performance and longevity in mind, not to just smoke you and leave you feeling fatigued and banged up.

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Terminator Bro Split Plus—Available on Train Heroic

This program is for those looking to gain muscle, sculpt their body, or lose fat with a traditional bodybuilding split. Instead of a traditional pdf, I use the Train Heroic App so you can follow the program and track your progress on the palm of your hand.

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Satisfied Customers

“Kevin has been programming my workouts for the better part of 8 months now. I can say without a doubt he is a one stop shop for all your fitness goals. What I have been most impressed about is the efficiency of the programs. Kevin has also opened my eyes to the value of proper recovery, and at 38-years-old this is something that's really changed the way I approach training.  My strength, endurance, appearance, and overall quality of life have improved greatly.  Kevin also developed a training program to prepare me to compete in a 26-hour adventure race (mountain biking, hiking, trail running, and kayaking). I have never competed in something like this before, and I really hadn’t trained for an endurance event in years. I told him my goal was just to finish the race.  Not only did I finish, but I was able to exceed my goal of just crossing the finish line before time ran out. I finished the 70+ mile race with 3 hours to spare. The program also enabled me to maintain my strength and muscle while improving endurance. Kevin is truly as educated, passionate, and professional as anyone out there.”

- Jimmy G.

“After having an up and down relationship with personal fitness over the years, it took me committing to work with Kevin to fully get on track. The programming and advice Kevin has given me over the past year has been invaluable, and I finally feel fully in control of my fitness and personal/mental health. I've progressed in all major lifts, raised my metabolism, and created lifelong changes to my lifestyle. I look better naked. I'll be continuing working with Kevin and cannot thank him enough!”

- Brady F.

“I came to Kevin's coaching after 15-odd years as a serious distance runner looking to transition into weightlifting, so I definitely considered myself to be fit and capable of tolerating intense workouts. I asked for a challenge and these plans did not disappoint. I noticed how each weekly schedule is designed to effectively hit muscle groups and push your body just enough that you get stronger in the quickest amount of time. Kevin is passionate about exercise science and super personable, so he was able to answer my questions and share his reasoning behind the workouts he gave me.”

- Zach B.

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