Terminator Training Method

16-Week Kickstart Program

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The Kickstart strength training program by Terminator Training Method is a versatile program that serves as an introduction to the wonderful world of strength training for new trainees. This program is also highly effective for intermediate and even advanced trainees with busy schedules as you have the option to modify the intensity to suit your strength levels and lifting experience. If you’re looking to get stronger, lose body fat, speed up your metabolism, and gain confidence in all areas of life, this is the program for you. The program is for men or women who want to transform the way they look, move and feel.

The program places emphasis on compound barbell and dumbbell lifts which are vitally important for the new lifter to learn. You can expect to spend approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour performing each training session. If you have a moderately stocked garage gym (barbell w/plates, adjustable dumbbells, rack, bench, pull-up bar, bands) this program can be done solely from the comfort of your own home. If you have gym access, even better!

Program Details

  • The program includes an optional intro phase (encouraged if you’re brand new to lifting) that can be followed for 1-4 weeks (or as long as you'd like) followed by four 4-week phases for a total of 16-weeks of programming.
    • Optional Intro Phase
    • Phase 1: 4 weeks of training 
    • Phase 2: 4 weeks of training 
    • Phase 3: 4 weeks of training 
    • Phase 4: 4 weeks of training 
  • The first 3 phases are 3 days per week, full body training.
  • Phase 4 features a lower body day, an upper body day, and a full body day.
  • There is an optional 4th training day each week if you’re passionate about training. 3 days a week is plenty to get great results though!
  • Every single exercise is linked to a video with a detailed explanation and movement demonstration by Kevin Smith, the creator of the program.
  • A detailed FAQ and terminology list is included at the beginning of the PDF.
  • Includes an "exercise substitutions" library for movements you don't have equipment for or are uncomfortable doing.
  • Optional complimentary 15-minute phone consultation to answer any questions you may have before starting or throughout the program and unlimited email access for questions.